How to get there: By car: First, drive to Larissa, (360 Km from Athens and 150 km from Thessaloniki). Then drive towards Agiokampos, (55 Km from Larissa).
You can also reach Larissa:
By bus (KTEL): Athens phone # is 210-8317109, Thessaloniki phone # is 2310-544133
By train (OSE): Athens phone # is 210-5297777, Thessaloniki phone # is 2310-517517.
From Larissa get the bus (KTEL) (Larissa phone # is 2410-537737) to Agiokampos.

Accommodation: You will be able to find plenty of rooms to let.

Useful phone # : Area code: 24940 Municipality: 24940-51139 Agia Police Station: 24940-22300 Coast Guard: 24940-52222 Agia Hospital: 24940-22222