Welcome to Agiokampos

The most beautiful summer resort in Larissa prefecture

Agiokampos, and especially its vast beach, spreads from Polydendri castle up to Dermatas foreland in the Velika dorp. During summer, a lot of people visit Agiokampos. The clean beaches, the fantastic combination of the green nature and mountains, the blue colour of the Aegean Sea, as well as the entertainment in the bars of Velika, Sotiritsa and Agiokampos, make the place the ideal destination for unforgettable summer holidays.



Agiokampos (or Agiokambos) takes up the biggest part of the coast line of Larissa Prefecture. However, on a local level "Agiokampos" denotes the part of coast that belongs to the municipality of Skiti.

The unique combination of sea and mountain is breathtaking; you can see wooded areas, important monuments and beautiful beaches! 14 KM coastline from Velika and Sotiritsa to Agiokampos, the clear Aegean waters, the natural ports and the sandy beaches make the area an important tourist attraction.

In the background, Mavrovouni is the mountain that serves as natural border between Pilion Mountain and Kissavos Mountain. Mavrovouni is the place where Polidendri forest is found, which is one of the greatest in Greece and has been designated as a natural heritage by the European Union. Some of the trees growing there are beeches, oak trees, firs and chestnut trees. In this forest you can also find the Monastery of Virgin Mary "guarded" by an enormous oak tree. It spreads over 35.000 acres, (a part of it is a park and the rest is a wild forest), and covers an area from the coastline of Agiokampos up to a point of 1000m altitude. This magnificent forest used to be the favorite getaway spot of the Greek Royal Family. Today it constitutes one of the most interesting forests for excursions in Greece. The local authorities have performed outstanding work by forming special areas for picnics, trekking or bicycling.